Spiritual Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate Your Spiritual Birthday

Celebrating your Spiritual Birthday every year may be a new experience for you. Physical birthday celebrations have established traditions, such as, a birthday cake and the Happy Birthday song. How you rejoice and celebrate your Spiritual Birthday is only limited by your imagination and resources. It should be a joyous occasion that you can share with your family and friends. You may want to include those who were instrumental in your coming to faith. It is time to remember the significance of being born again. Also, to share the joy of living with the hope of eternal life.
Joyous Birthday may be more appropriate and preferred over Happy Birthday to reflect the significance of your Spiritual Birthday. The following Spiritual Birthday Song was written to reflect the reason for the celebration. To the tune of “O Happy Day”.

Joyous Day, Joyous Day, When Jesus washed your sins away!
He is in your heart to live and stay. And we rejoice with you today.
Joyous Day, Joyous Day, Its Name’s Spiritual Birthday!

Since each spiritual birth is unique, it is important to recall and share your Spiritual Birthday Story at your celebration. It is the reason for rejoicing and celebrating. Share your celebration ideas and experiences with us and we will add them to our website. Send photos, videos, and descriptions of your Spiritual Birthday celebration to us to share with others.