Spiritual Birthday Ministry

Focus: Encouraging Spiritual Births, Celebrating Spiritual Birthdays Annually, and Sharing Spiritual Birthday Stories

Everyone must be born again (spiritual birth) to enter the kingdom of God. Rejoicing and celebrating Spiritual Birthdays annually are a testimony of God’s amazing love and saving grace, Sharing Spiritual Birthday stories is fulfilling Jesus’ last promise before ascending into heaven; “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

These ministry groups are God’s messengers and witnesses of to Jesus’ saving power through spiritual birth by the Holy Spirit. You must be born again, Rejoice and celebrate your Spiritual Birthday.

Little Children

Children have a very special place and grace in the kingdom of God. The actual ages of “little children” and “children” are not defined in scripture. In the Old Testament, God’s treatment of children indicates a special grace based on their inability to know good from evil. In Deuteronomy 1;39, the little ones, the children who years earlier did not know good from evil, were allowed to enter the promised land and take possession of it.


Your second decade, between age 10 and age 20, is the most important and can be most dificult ten years of your physical and spiritual life. During this decade, you experience physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual changes and decisions that impact your future years. If you are 20 or more years old, think of yourself on your 10th and 20th physical birthdays. You transitioned from a child to an adult. You no longer talk like a child nor think like a child nor reason like a child. you put the ways of childhood behind you.


Born Again Teens become born again adults, marry and become born again parents. God chose women to physically bear children and become moms. Moms have a very important role in their earthly family and in God’s family. Giving physical birth to a child creates a bond and love that knows no equal. A mom’s love and care for her child never ends. Likewise, children have a special love and relationship with their mom.

Youth Pastors

Youth Pastors have a very important and challenging position in the church and kingdom of God. In the kingdom of God, most spiritual births (75 t0 80 %) occur before age 20. In the church they are responsible for the spiritual discipleship and evangelism of preteens and teenager during their most dynamic and difficult decade of life. The physical, emotional and social changes experience between age ten and twenty are enormous. The expectations of youth pastors by senior pastors and parents are also enormous and high.