I never imagined that I would ever write a book, have a website or write a blog. I have over many years enjoyed others’ books, websites and blogs. Why at 80 years of age would I write a book, build a website and start a blog? Most octogenarians (that is a long word for old) are not writing or reading blogs. The reason why I am writing a blog is because I am not aware of other blogs focusing on the subject of Spiritual Birthdays.

Your Spiritual Birthday was the reason why and subject for my book and website. My Spiritual Birthday, nearly 60 years ago (November 3rd 1960), was the reason why I became interested in others’ spiritual birth. As our grandchildren came to faith in Jesus and were born again, I rejoiced and celebrated like I did at their physical birth. My joy was even greater, knowing that they would Be There in Heaven for eternity with Jesus and with me and other family members. As we celebrated our grandchildren’s physical birthdays and more spiritual births, I felt that we should also remember and celebrate Spiritual Birthdays each year. As I searched for greeting cards and gifts specifically for Spiritual Birthdays, I found none. As I searched for books and websites on the subject of Spiritual Birthday, I found none. I could not imagine that this very important event in the life of every Christian believer had received little attention or celebration in the church or in commerce. I began to imagine that I was missing some reason for Christians not rejoicing and celebrating this significant day every year. I began asking Christian friends, “When is your Spiritual Birthday?” Most understood the term and many replied that they knew their age but not the date. Some knew or recorded the date, but did not celebrate the day. A few, including my nephew Mark Mittelberg, celebrate their Spiritual Birthday every year. Mark celebrates with his friend and ministry partner Lee Strobel, who amazingly has the same date
but years apart. When I mentioned there were no books or greeting cards available on Spiritual Birthdays, Mark suggested that I should write a book, never imagining that I would.

It has been an unexpected adventure that the Spirit has led me on and the journey continues. I look forward to encouraging Christians to rejoice and celebrate their Spiritual Birthday every year. Hopefully, our celebrations and sharing our Spiritual Birthday stories will result in many more spiritual births.